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Table of Contents for TurboForce #01

01   Cover: MultiMedia - Land. Artist: Uncredited.
Hey, it was 1992 and "multimedia" was a buzzword of the era. Check out the feature article that begins on page 25.
02   Advertisement: Cosmic Fantasy 2 (1992, CD).
"Beyond Reality. Beyond Imagination. Beyond Belief. An immense RPG only for TurboGrafx-CD. Believe it."
03   Table of Contents for issue #1.
04   News: Here comes the TurboDuo, the super game system 04  05
"Finally the new super-game system from Turbo Technologies, Inc. has been unveiled. It's called TurboDuo. We'll show you the new TurboDuo in detail."
06   Questions & Answers: What is the CD•ROM2 system?
"…TurboDuo has more memory, 256K bytes, almost four times the current CD system card. So it can read more data at once. As a result, you can enjoy games more, with less disc acessing time."
07   Questions & Answers: What software is bundled with the TurboDuo?
"Five pack-in games will be included with the TurboDuo: Gate of Thunder, Ys Book I & II, Bonk's Adventure, Bonk's Revenge and Dungeon Explorer (HuCARD)."
08   Strategy Guide: Ys Book I & II 08  09  10  11  12  13  14  15
"Solve the mystery of the legendary world of Ys."
16   Pack-in Preview: Dungeon Explorer 16  17
"This is the first five-player action RPG for a home video game system. Now, it's included when you buy TurboDuo."
Editor's Note: This loose HuCARD pack-in game was subsequently changed to Ninja Spirit, and possibly other titles.
18   Pack-in Preview: Bonk's Adventure 18  19
"Bonk is not only comical to watch, but also fun to play."
Editor's Note: Bonk's Adventure was included on the Gate of Thunder 3-in-1 CD•ROM2 pack-in.
20   Pack-in Preview: Bonk's Revenge   21
"Bonk is even more awesome in this sequel to Bonk's Adventure."
Editor's Note: Bonk's Revenge was included on the Gate of Thunder 3-in-1 CD•ROM2 pack-in.
22   Pack-in Preview: Gate of Thunder.
"A hyper-shooting game for the new CD•ROM2 system."
23   Coming Attractions for 1992 23  24
"With the introduction of the new TurboDuo, the TG-World has become even more exciting!"
Dead Moon, Magical Chase, Mesopotamia, Spriggan. Syubibinman, etc.
25   Special Feature: Multimedia Land 25  26  27
"What is multimedia? A look at hardware and software on various platforms."
28   Advertisement: Subscribe to TurboForce 28  29
"Subscribe now and get two FREE issues of TURBOFORCE Magazine."
30   Advertisement: Lords of the Rising Sun and Cosmic Fantasy 2 30  31
"If you think these games aren't challenging, you're probably missing something."
32   Advertisement: TurboExpress now $199.99 + 4 Free HuCARDs.
"Some of the most enjoyable things in life are portable."

"Stop! Don't look now, but here it comes! TurboDuo!"  VIEW SOURCE

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