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Needless to say, the Archives would be pretty lame without your help. A great big "Thank You!" to everyone who has helped us. Without your contributions, there would be little, if any, motivation to keep this site running. Honestly.

CONTACT US: (replace "AT" with "@").

There are countless things you can do to help us out. From simply making suggestions to carefully reporting errors, submitting bibliographical data and scanning new material.

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 Piranee Ideally, from now on, all new content added to the Archives will be high-resolution images. In addition, all of the old content needs to be re-scanned at a higher-resolution:

  1. • Upgrade all the crappy, old scans with cleaner, higher-resolution images. Current Status:
    nullity (of and re-scanned…TurboPlay (4/14 issues), TurboForce (3/4 issues) and Duoworld (2/3 issues).
  2. • Greatly expand the content from multi-platform magazines of yesteryear (e.g. EGM, VG&CE, GamePro, GameFan, Game Player's, Game Informer, Electronic Games, Video Games, etc.). We especially want magazines from England / UK! Good news: we have a lot of material already (in fact, some of it is already scanned!). Bad news: we will need contributors to fill in the huge gaps in our collection.
  3. • Create a real database to form the backbone of the Archives (mySQL + php). If you knew how ridiculously inefficient the current "database" was, you would understand. Calling the pile of garbage we currently have a "database" is like calling Drop Rock "more addictive than Tetris" or referring to Ballistix as a "thoroughly engrossing game that no Turbo fan should be without."


First, if you spot any errors, anywhere, let us know! I spend a lot of time looking for errors, but I am bound to miss many of them. Broken links, typos, misinformation…let's fix 'em!


Second, we also need information. Did you find an old sales brochure, circa 1990, from Electronics Boutique? If you can't scan it, then do the next best thing: send us a detailed summary of your discovery. We will put the information in our database, in hopes that someone else will eventually scan it. Please include the following information: Publication Title, Date, Issue #, Volume #, and a brief description of the TG-16 items discussed (include page numbers, prices, ratings, etc.).


Third, we need high-quality scans. See the table below for directions on scanning.

 Surfing Chikkun If you are ambitious, or simply have an unhealthy fetish for TG-16, then we encourage you to create high-quality scans and share them.

• Before scanning, you should contact us to make sure that you are not duplicating the labor of other contributors!

• Please scan at 300 dpi and save in a lossless format (such as .tiff).

• If the pages are really thin, a sheet of black construction paper may prevent text/images on the opposite page from bleeding through.

• Always include a scan of the magazine's cover.

• Use a consistent, logical system when naming files.

Why scan at 300 dpi and save lossless, you ask? Well, 300 dpi scans can be enlarged to show detail (like these enigmatic screenshots from The Riftwar Saga, an unreleased game).

More importanly, five years from now, when the expectation for super-high-quality scans is widespread and commonplace, the source files you create today will still be viable and allow us to generate upgraded images. This isn't a hypothetical situation: I wouldn't have to re-scan everything now if I had followed my own advice a few years ago! Arrrrggghh, if only I had considered these issues sooner.


The Archives would be far less interesting if it weren't for you folks. A tremendous "Thank You!" goes out to all of the people who have helped us over the years. Without your help, the Archives would have disappeared a long, long time ago.

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• Bernie (

• nullity (of and

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• akamichi (

• Layne G. and Matt T. (Tacoma, WA)

• John Luedke

• Raymond Negron

• Jonathan Switzer

• Pittsburgh Bob and Gibsonia Dave

• Sunteam_Paul

• Offsidewing

• AirRaidX

• Black_Tiger

• Kaminari

• bt garner & dave shadoff

• Aaron Nanto

• Plus, all the sad souls that we forgot to include here!

Let's face it, this site would be a piece of crap without your contributions.

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