Bonk's Revenge Wallpaper (iPhone / iPod Touch)



A total of eight different designs are available in this series. The silver-gray theme complements the aesthetics of iPhone's / iPod's user interface. I wanted the design to be subtle, elegant. I didn't want to clash with Apple's color scheme. Don't worry, I won't always play it safe. Look for some suitably garish designs in the near future.

 Fishin' Chikkun  Surfin' Chikkun  Captain Cook  Dodogie  Skeleton Mammoth  Axe-throwin' Chikkun  Piranee  Piranee (x2)

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Directions: Saving images on iPhone / iPod

Here are some sample screenshots of the wallpaper with the mp3 player controls and the date display:

 Screenshot iPhone/iPod mp3 Player  Screenshot iPhone/iPod Wallpaper

DIRECTIONS: If you are browsing this page with an iPhone / iPod, simply press and hold your finger on an image below. A menu will appear with the option to "Save Image". Next, open the PHOTOS application and look in the "Camera Roll" (iPhone) or "Saved Photos" (iPod) folder to find the image you just saved. On the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, tap the icon on the far-left and select "Use As Wallpaper". Mission accomplished.


 Fishin' Chikkun  Surfin' Chikkun

Although they are considered to be part of the Chikkun Army, do these Chikkuns really deserve to be classified as "the enemy"? If a Chikkun wants to go fishing in Piranee River, let him! Fishing in not a crime, and neither is surfing, for that matter. Who are we to be judge, jury and Chikkun executioner?


 Captain Cook  Dodogie

Captain Cook is bad-ass. He is one of the only opponents you will encounter, in any video game, who gleefully chomps on a stogie whilst unleashing a wall of death upon you. Dodogie, on the other hand, never struck me as malicious. He has his bad days, certainly, but, ultmately, he just wants to be left alone. He does not go out of his way, searching for trouble.


 Skeleton Mammoth  Axe-throwin' Chikkun

Prehistoric, and loving every minute of it.


 Piranee  Piranee (x2)

As the Bonk's Revenge instructional manual eloquently states, "These Piranees will bite. Watch out!" What more can be said? Well…I have always had a soft-spot for these guys, which is why I made two wallpapers for them. All evidence suggests that they are one of the least-loved characters in Chikkun Kingdom, but my heart says otherwise.

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